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Welcome to Safety 1st Storm Shelters and the best shelters on the market. We sale the nations top safety shelters and provide a lifetime warranty on our products!

6 Person

$ 5495 00 / Installed*
our best selling shelter, with bench seating, this shelter is large enough for the average family with room for emergency supplies.

5' Tall
5' Wide
100% Financing
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10 Person

$ 6995 00 / Installed*
Ideal shelter for families needing more room, with bench seating surrounding the shelter and lots of head room for standing.

6' Tall
6' Wide
100% Financing
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12 Person

$ 7595 00 / Installed*
The perfect shelter for families who need room for larger families. With bench seating surrounding this shelter, you will not feel closed in.

6' Tall
6' Wide
100% Financing
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20 Person

$ CALL / Installed
This shelter is very large and perfect for sharing families or small businesses. With exceptional room for a large number of people.

6' Tall
16' Long
100% Financing
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Your Key To Safety

When a deadly storm approaches, if we see it coming, we can take shelter. However, many times, these storms strike in the middle of the night and we have very little warning. With our shelters, you can rest-assured you will be only steps away from your shelter.

Providing a safe place for your family to go when a storm strikes is invaluable. Knowing you have done everything possible, to make you family safe, is the reward of peace and safety.
What Are You Waiting For?
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    Call our office to discuss our shelters When you call our office, we will speak to you about the best solution for your family. We can suggest the best shelter for your needs.

  • 2
    Develop an emergency plan Practice with your family the safety plan to ensure your family is prepared to do what is necessary to be safe.

  • 3
    Preserve your family and be prepared Preparing for a disaster does not happen minutes before it happens. It takes time and practice to survive a deadly tornado.

Installation - Fast - Dependable

Protecting your family is FIRST

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